Month: June 2012

Vegan Pizza Day


To celebrate this very special holiday, we had two types of pizza.

Chick-un Tikka Masala – chickpeas, potatoes, and eggplant with a spicy tomato sauce


Vegan Salad Pizza with ranch dressing, avocado, tempeh bacon and greens (it calls for romaine, but I used arugula from the farmers market).

20120630-212258.jpg 20120630-212325.jpg

Both recipes were delicious. The salad pizza recipe makes a ton of ranch. Even halving the recipe would have given me extra dressing for a salad or chick’n fingers.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Friday was my mom’s birthday and I made her a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting- another great success from Sticky Finger Sweets. She lives 700 miles away, so I couldn’t just drop it off. Instead, I froze it, put it in an insulated bag with a couple ice packs and mailed it Express to Alabama.  Unfortunately, it did not retain its shape. My parents assured me that it tasted good. My dad said you just needed to wear a blindfold to eat it. Proof that it wasn’t always a big mess:

20120607-105632.jpg 20120607-105636.jpg 20120607-105641.jpg

I made two cupcake for H and me to try. I usually don’t care for fruit flavored cakes and frostings, but this was so good.

20120607-105815.jpg 20120607-105820.jpg 20120607-105829.jpg 20120607-105834.jpg

Real strawberries inside!


I considered doing this easy cake for my mom and even went so far as to buy the ingredients for two cakes (before realizing I needed to ship the cake on Wednesday, so I had no time for a practice cake). But when I got home, I felt guilty about using cake from a box with all sorts of ingredients you can’t pronounce, so I went with a cake from scratch. Now I have leftover strawberry frosting and two boxes of strawberry cake, so I decided to try the chickpea cake.

I was reminded why I do not like fruit flavored cake. I might have liked it better if it were chocolate, but the strawberry cake just tasted chemically. It’s a good trick- the cake is moist and holds together fairly well. I just didn’t care for the flavor.

20120612-070806.jpg 20120612-070815.jpg

Blue Plate Diner Madison

Road trips can be challenging for vegans (sure, I’ll have another Subway 6-inch veggie delight), so when you drive through Madison, WI, you need to stop. Even if it’s out of the way a bit. I wanted to go to The Green Owl (Madison’s vegetarian restaurant), but we didn’t have time on Friday night and they close at 2:00 on Sunday afternoon. We were driving through around 7:30.  Instead, we went to Monty’s Blue Plate Diner, which has a decent vegan menu. I ordered the Heathen Vegan Shoplifter’s Delight (much better than the Subway veggie delight) and bean salad. It wasn’t on the level of Veggie Galaxy (it was a little dry), but it was good.  We sat outside on the patio, which was nice.

20120612-071149.jpg 20120612-071155.jpg 20120612-071202.jpg

Minneapolis Half DNF

There was one other time that I didn’t finish a race. It was last fall at the Crystal Lake half, but I was just doing it as part of a training run and I ran 7 miles before the race started. Plus I was still injured. After run-walking back to the finish line park, I just walked back to my car. But this was a real race. My spring A race that I trained for. I have a million and one excuses, but it is all my fault and I learned from my mistakes. I have a new race ready to go on 6/24.

Excuse #1: breakfast. I ate too much in the morning and not enough the night before. I forgot to pick up a peanut butter builder bar (my usual long run meal), so I got this bagel at the breakfast buffet. I didn’t eat it all but it was still about 100 calories more than what I usually eat and only 45 minutes before the start.


Excuse #2: water. I didn’t drink enough of it on Saturday and was dehydrated.

Image courtesy of

Excuse #3: temperature. I wish the half and full marathons started together. Starting at 6:30 would have made a huge difference. In the sunny spots, it was vert hot at 8. The humidity was bad, too.

Time – Temperature – Dew point – Humidity


6:30 Marathon Start:


Excuse #4: the 1:40 pace group. I thought I would try running with the 1:40 pace group. It was a little faster than what I trained for, but it would be nice to run with a group. Except, the 1:40 pace group, which was supposed to be doing 7:38, was really doing 7:30 and that was 15-20 seconds faster than what I trained for. I let them get out of my sight after mile 4 and just tried to focus on running a 7:45, but it was too late.


I stopped for about a minute before stopping my watch, stretching my calves (as if that was going to help).


After the race, we went to Cafe Luce, which offers vegan pizzas (gluten-free is also available).

The post race pizza that made everything better; the Rustler with rinotta (not ricotta) cheese. I don’t care for pineapple (and I did scrape some off), but this was so good!


The peanut butter bar that helped me create an awesome marathon schedule.

20120604-171726.jpg 20120604-171731.jpg