Month: May 2013

Green Bay

This past weekend I went to Green Bay to celebrate a birthday and cheer some friends on at the Green Bay marathon and half-marathon. I came prepared with a bag full of snacks to make sure I didn’t starve in an city known for cheese and football.

The expo was at Lambeau Field, so we stopped at Curly’s Pub for lunch. This is literally inside cheesehead stadium, and yet its veggie burger is vegan and the classic burger doesn’t even come with cheese. All but one burger can be subbed for the vegetarian burger. There is also a vegetarian wrap; the grilled veggies are cooked in oil not butter and it can be served without cheese or mayo.

20130520-082523.jpg 20130520-082545.jpg

The waitress even knew the word “vegan”!


Lambeau Field

We walked around the expo and got to see some of the stadium. We also came back for dinner, which was a very sad pasta dinner. Thankfully, I was not running the next day. It was included for runners, but I had to pay $17 for some mass produced penne pasta and marinara.

20130520-082903.jpg 20130520-082909.jpg 20130520-082635.jpg 20130520-082916.jpg



The race. It was a tad bit warm for even spectating, so terrible marathon conditions. Not as bad as the 2007 or 2010 Chicago marathons, but 70 and sunny is too hot for 26.2 miles. Still, I was jealous of everyone out there running. I watched them take off and then saw them at mile 4, mile 11, and a half mile before the finish line.

20130520-083353.jpg 20130520-083530.jpg 20130520-083540.jpg 20130520-084222.jpg 20130520-084227.jpg 20130520-084233.jpg

For lunch we went to Glass Nickel Pizza Co., which someone on Yelp had said served vegan pizzas. They are in the process of changing menus, so while the waitress initially said there was a special menu, she came back to say there was no menu, but I could order the vegan delight. The vegan delight is a crust of your choice with barbeque sauce, red onions, broccoli, and pineapples. I’m not a huge fan of pineapples, but it was still pretty good.

20130520-084447.jpg 20130520-084454.jpg

For Nancy’s birthday, I made a campfire cake – a four layer chocolate cake with chocolate malt and toasted marshmallow frosting. I topped it with more toasted marshmallows.

20130520-084527.jpg 20130520-084539.jpg 20130520-084548.jpg