Chicago Veggie Fest

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve taken the twins out by myself. It’s hard to coordinate feedings and pumping and naps. Plus there is no telling whether they’ll be fussy or happy. I took the risk last month to go down to Naperville for Veggie Fest. I left at morning nap time so they slept almost the whole way there. With the exception of a few fusses, they were good at the festival. There was a nursing tent so that made feeding and diaper changes easy. We played on the playground, walked around the booths, tried some Indian food (they weren’t so sure about that), listened to some music and tried to go to a talk on healthy eating for kids. We left around their afternoon nap. It was about as perfect as it could be.

I started off with a green smoothie.


So Delicious was handing out free ice cream sandwiches. They also gave me some creamer to try.


E in her bonnet. People can tell she’s a girl now (I used to get “two boys?” all. the. time). But one woman did ask whether I had two twin boys. No, the one in the floral bonnet is a girl.


Lunch: Masala Dosa with Sambar


More Indian snacks: Chole Bhatura


Eating some English muffins in the stroller


Enjoying the park


I picked up the new book from Matt Frazier (of No Meat Athlete) and got a sticker, too.

No Meat Athlete

Take out from Chinese Palace: Sweet & Sour chick’n with noodles for dinner



  1. what a sweet post. how nice that you ventured out with the little ones and it all went smoothly – and you got to enjoy the veg fest!!

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