Day 13  – Kitchen Tour

I’ve been looking at all the awesome vegan kitchens on Instagram, so I’m here to add my very suburban vegan kitchen. I love my new kitchen. It’s so bright and sunny. As much as I miss our old loft, the kitchen was so dark. I had to take food to the living room to get a decent photo. 

Things I love about my kitchen:

  • an island – my first kitchen island!
  • the wide refrigerator – it’s probably not any bigger than a standard fridge because it’s not very deep, but it’s easier to find things in there
  • five gas burners
  • two ovens
  • cabinet storage
  • a huge pantry- the previous owners, an elderly couple, built the house and added an elevator shaft with the potential for installing an elevator when they couldn’t handle stairs. So right now there are three big closets on the first floor, second floor and basement. We made the first floor closet a pantry. It’s a work in progress, so no pictures yet. 

What I do not like: the color of the cabinets. 

Favorite kitchen appliances: KitchenAid mixer and Vitamix. Both worth every penny. 


We just hung up our first photos last night. We have a lot of decorating left to do, but here is the artwork I bought for the kitchen. It came from a cute little gallery downtown.  

The artist is Molly Sim. 

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