Day 17 – Traditional Local Dish

I immediately thought of crab cakes for this challenge (although I did read the Wikipedia page on Baltimore cuisine where I learned about the chicken box. Maybe Gardein can make a veganize version of that for Maryland). I found this recipe by Ayinde Howell for Hearts of Baltimore Crab Cakes on One Green Planet. There’s a lot of Old Bay seasoning in this recipe so it’s on the salty side, but the texture and flavor was really good. I will definitely make it again.

IMG_5479 IMG_5478

The Other Munch

Two restaurants named Munch in one month.

Wednesday was my birthday and I had a big day planned. I squeezed in a short treadmill run before heading over to Akasha Yoga in Crystal Lake for a massage with Jessica at Wild Roots Yoga & Bodyworks. The hour long Thai yoga massage was just what my tight hips needed. After the massage, I headed down to Oak Park to grab lunch and do some shopping. The vegetarian (mostly vegan, but some dairy cheese is offered) restaurant Munch is much better than the Woodstock restaurant of the same name. This was my second time to Munch and the food is decent. It’s no Chicago Diner or Native Foods, but they don’t try to serve you kalamata olives with Thai dressing. I ordered the “Beefy” Tostada Plate with vegan cheese. The “chorizo” seitan was tasty. The salsa was the wrong texture for me – too chunky, but it was fine without the salsa.


The best thing about Vegetarian Munch is that it serves Temptation ice cream, which means milkshakes! I got the cookie dough shake to go and headed over to Amour de la Terre.


Amour de la Terre is Chicago’s new vegan shoe store. They had a bunch of great brands, including a new one I had not heard of, Coral 8. Unfortunately, Coral 8’s shoes run a tad big, which is a problem when you wear a size 6, the smallest size they make. I had to say no to these beautiful driving moccasins but I did get some sparkly pumps, which at least have a t-strap to secure them.

20140918-122649.jpg 20140918-122711.jpg

The shoes are not only vegan, but eco-friendly, too. No cheap plastic shoes a la Payless here. The owners are super nice and I am so happy that Chicago has something like this.

They also have a small selection of kids shoes. E and Little H have gone 11 months without wearing shoes, but Little H is almost walking and winter is coming, so it’s time to buy them some shoes. However, the one time I did buy them shoes, they were too small, so the twins need to be with me to try some on. Of course, that means another trip to Oak Park for more milkshakes and shoe shopping!

Chicago Veggie Fest

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve taken the twins out by myself. It’s hard to coordinate feedings and pumping and naps. Plus there is no telling whether they’ll be fussy or happy. I took the risk last month to go down to Naperville for Veggie Fest. I left at morning nap time so they slept almost the whole way there. With the exception of a few fusses, they were good at the festival. There was a nursing tent so that made feeding and diaper changes easy. We played on the playground, walked around the booths, tried some Indian food (they weren’t so sure about that), listened to some music and tried to go to a talk on healthy eating for kids. We left around their afternoon nap. It was about as perfect as it could be.

I started off with a green smoothie.


So Delicious was handing out free ice cream sandwiches. They also gave me some creamer to try.


E in her bonnet. People can tell she’s a girl now (I used to get “two boys?” all. the. time). But one woman did ask whether I had two twin boys. No, the one in the floral bonnet is a girl.


Lunch: Masala Dosa with Sambar


More Indian snacks: Chole Bhatura


Eating some English muffins in the stroller


Enjoying the park


I picked up the new book from Matt Frazier (of No Meat Athlete) and got a sticker, too.

No Meat Athlete

Take out from Chinese Palace: Sweet & Sour chick’n with noodles for dinner



It’s that time again! The Vegan Month of Food.

I don’t have a theme this year; I’m just trying to use Vegan MoFo to get my vegan blog mojo back. I’ll start of with a restaurant review.

Woodstock’s classic sushi/miniature golf combination ended this summer. Golden Rolls is moving to the former location of the world’s second worst restaurant, Vaughan’s Broasted Chicken. Major renovations had to be done, including removing some hideous wood siding to reveal a brick exterior! No wonder Vaughan’s closed; it had bad taste all around. There aren’t many restaurants that serve chips and guacamole along side AAC rolls and tofu steak, so I hope Golden Rolls opens soon.

A new restaurant opened up next to mini golf, Munch. We ordered take out from there. It’s still overwhelming to take two babies to a restaurant, but H said it looked baby-friendly. H called in an order; he checked the ingredients of a couple menu options that sounded vegan. However, I forgot to ask if they put butter on their hummus sandwich (?!?). Rookie mistake. Fortunately, I had some ciabatta buns in the freezer, so I transferred the “generous” schmear of hummus (the chef & I have different definitions of generous), lettuce, tomato & avocado to the ciabatta bun.


I also got the hot ma-me salad, which was supposed to be served with edamame. The kitchen was out of edamame, so they subbed kalamata olives. I love kalamata olives, but they didn’t go well with spicy Thai peanut vinaigrette. The dressing was delicious with the other salad veggies and it would have been great to have the protein from edamame. H said the chef was very apologetic.


Munch has potential; we’ll definitely go back again and hopefully they’ll have edamame.

We ate dinner at the kitchen counter while the twins played; our new normal “restaurant” experience.



Ramen, the cheap college food staple, has become the newest food trend. Apparently people stand in line for hours to eat burgers with a bun made out of ramen noodles. At H’s request, I veganized the ramen burger.

You can use whatever burger recipe you want. I tried to do something with Asian flavors and threw in the ramen spice packets. For the bun, I cooked two packages of ramen (drained and rinsed) and combined with about 1/3 cup of Vegg. I formed 4 patties by using mason jar lids covered in tin foil and refrigerated them while I made the burgers. I topped the burgers off with bok choy and a spicy ketchup. It was good, but I wouldn’t stand in line for hours to get one.

20130930-183925.jpg 20130930-183936.jpg 20130930-183942.jpg 20130930-183950.jpg 20130930-183957.jpg 20130930-184003.jpg 20130930-184011.jpg

Whole Foods sells these vegan ramen flavors. Most, if not all, ramen sold in stores by me contains animal products. While it makes decent buns, it also is an easy snack, especially when you’re sick.

20130930-184104.jpg 20130930-184113.jpg 20130930-184120.jpg 20130930-184127.jpg

And that concludes a very unsuccessful Suburban Vegan veganmofo. Apparently I overestimated how much I could blog this month. While I’m still not on bed rest, moving around has become more of a challenge. I’m lucky if I’m making one meal per week.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Today is Vegan Mania in Chicago and I am so sad that I cannot make it this year. I’ve been the last two years and it is a great event with tons of delicious food and great speakers. But we have so much work to do to get the nursery ready and if I go to Chicago, I need to go to the Land of Nod to get sheets. I don’t have time to go to Vegan Mania and Land of Nod and make it back to Woodstock in time for a 4:00 wedding. So, if we get everything done today, then we’ll go to Chicago tomorrow for a reward. We’ll get sheets, have lunch at Native Foods and get milkshakes at Chicago Diner. Happy Birthday to me! If you are in Chicago today, you better be going to Vegan Mania and eating Temptation soft serve ice cream for me and pre-ordering a coat from Vaute Couture.

Not going to Vegan Mania means that we’ll be able to stop by the Loft BBQ for lunch. So, of course, I made cupcakes for the occasion – chocolate with peanut butter frosting & sprinkles and cookies & cream.

20130921-094134.jpg 20130921-094140.jpg 20130921-094145.jpg 20130921-094212.jpg 20130921-094221.jpg 20130921-094225.jpg 20130921-094230.jpg

Butternut Squash & Chickpea Stew

One of my running friends also has twins and recommended joining the local multiples club. The group has play dates, book clubs, and mothers night out events. It also puts on a huge resale and offers meal support for new twin moms. I doubt I’ll take advantage of the latter because I think a vegan meal request would be too overwhelming for most McHenry County residents. But I’m more than glad to share the vegan love with other new moms. So I signed up to bring a butternut squash and chickpea stew with couscous and chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting for dessert. It stood out a bit from the chicken pot pie and meatloaf.

20130913-181940.jpg 20130913-181947.jpg 20130913-181954.jpg 20130913-181934.jpg 20130913-182401.jpg 20130913-182447.jpg

All wrapped up and ready to go.

20130913-182603.jpg 20130913-182702.jpg 20130913-182747.jpg 20130913-182803.jpg

Vegan MoFo 2013 – Twinsies

The Best Pumpkin Muffins from Vegan with a Vengeance.

White chocolate chip & walnut


My very first vegan cook book (bought in 2006); it’s seen better days.


It’s Vegan MoFo 2013! This year it’s in September; I guess to get away from the 200 posts on pumpkin baked goods from previous October and November vegan mofos. So have a pumpkin muffin! The recipe title is accurate. As she was eating a white chocolate pumpkin muffin, my friend described them “the best.”

I haven’t been a very active blogger since I became pregnant. While I may have physically recovered from morning sickness, my motivation in the kitchen never bounced back. I imagine finding time to blog with two infants will be a challenge, so Vegan MoFo came at the right time this year. In honor of the twins, this year’s theme is Twinsies: similar but different foods (like pumpkin muffins done two ways), product reviews of two flavors, getting ready for the babies while eating enough protein for a multiples pregnancy.

White chocolate chip pumpkin muffins

20130902-092541.jpg 20130902-092547.jpg 20130902-092553.jpg

Walnut pumpkin muffins

20130902-092630.jpg 20130902-092636.jpg 20130902-092645.jpg



Z is for Zombie


Happy Halloween!

I was able to leave work a little early to be home in time for Trick or Treating.  I put out some pumpkins and a happy Halloween sign to let kids know candy is available! There are kids in the neighborhood, but I guess they think people in our units don’t hand out candy because some will  just walk right by our door.


We don’t get a lot of trick or treaters, so I usually have a ton of extra candy. This year I bought a lot less, but I bought quality vegan candy: Sjaaks Halloween bites (peanut butter and orange – that’s two different flavors, not a combination) and caramel bites, all with fair trade chocolate, and Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears.


Halloween dinner:
Black tofu, forbidden rice, orange bell pepper, and roasted butternut squash with coriander seeds (from Veganomicon) .

20121031-215815.jpg 20121031-215858.jpg 20121031-215904.jpg

While I waited for trick or treaters, I made Halloween sugar cookies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar:

Zombies and braaaains!


Bats, cats, ghosts, pumpkins and witch’s brooms.

20121031-215947.jpg 20121031-215941.jpg 20121031-215952.jpg

Ghosts in the graveyard with vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream


Last weekend, I celebrated  Halloween with a costume 5K and brunch party.

The Running Scared 5K in McHenry benefited Illinois Special Olympics. This was its first year, so it was not a large race, but the majority of people were in costume. I went as Robin.


And I won! During the whole race I was in front, which is a scary place to be when you don’t know the route. I have never had to worry about making a wrong turn in a race before. Turns out, I am not a good race leader. Either I missed an arrow or the race missed putting an arrow at the intersection, but I led around 15-20 people on a .3 mile detour; it was a long 5K. My official time was 24:33 and I probably added about 2 minutes by doing the extra loop.

Halloween Brunch Menu

Spooky Hummus

Caramelized Onion Quiche

Pumpkin French Toast

Gluten-Free Pancakes

Apple Sticky Buns

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins

Hot Cranberry Apple Cider

The quiche, french toast and pancakes were from Vegan Brunch; my friend brought the pumpkin muffins.

20121031-220057.jpg 20121031-220103.jpg 20121031-220109.jpg 20121031-220115.jpg 20121031-220123.jpg 20121031-220241.jpg