Day 15 – Obama is your Dinner Guest

President Obama and I go way back. We used to work out in the same gym in Chicago. It wasn’t unusual to see Secret Service agents roaming the halls of our apartment building, but one morning I got to see Obama, too. The agents and bomb-sniffing dogs did a sweep so I know Obama is on his way. This is when I had a two and a half hour commute and I had to catch an early enough bus or else I’d miss my train that ran every two hours. I was anxious for him to get there before I had to leave. The main entrance to the gym was to my right so I glanced that direction every so often. I was not aware that there was a back entrance to the gym, which of course is what he used. When I turned my head to the left to wipe the sweat off my forehead, Obama was right there. I was so surprised that I just turned around and kept going with my workout. Meanwhile, everyone else is politely nodding and saying “good morning.” 

Sorry, Obama! Come over for teriyaki stir fry and I’ll make it up to you!
This is a pretty good dish for a non-vegan. It’s loaded with familiar veggies but it has a little tofu if they want to step outside their comfort zone. Plus, who doesn’t love teriyaki sauce?